Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, a thought

Walking the eery streets of New Orleans, I take a shortcut through a back alley and get jumped on by a zombie that was silently hiding behind a tree. I manage to shake it off but the waving about makes me trip over and land on my back. This isn't some awkward game mechanic, this was me. I fell over. A possibility with this immersive VR experience.

I don't usually get creeped out by zombie games, but this one got me. The ambient creaking of floorboards, the occasional groan of a zombie from some room I was yet to venture through, it did a good job of keeping me on my toes. I was expecting it to turn out like Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, that interesting game where it was more of an action game where the enemies were skinned to look like zombies. However this wasn't that, Saints and Sinners turned out to be surprisingly fun, and a great example of how VR can be used for story-driven games.

It's not an incredibly long game, like usual RPGs, but at roughly 18 hours long it's a good length for a VR game. The story is interesting, and faces with you some moral options. You can become the saviour of New Orleans and try to bring balance, or you can go on a murder spree and kill everybody in sight (the more fun, but more dangerous option)

An example of this, would be in my last session, I approached a civilian who looked friendly - although I should've known by the fact he was hiding in a dark corner - and as soon as I approached him he pulled a gun and demanded medicine from me. It didn't give me long to respond before he killed me with a headshot, so I respawned, creeped my way over and blew his head off with my shotgun. Another example would be the first NPC I encountered, I completed her sidequest, and the bonus objective, then accidentally caved her skull in while messing around with the physics on a trash can...sorry.

This is an all-round fun game, an excellent example of what we could expect from the future of VR. It's fun, it's creepy, and it's got a story that keeps you hooked. Definitely something I'd recommend to any fan of VR, or zombie games, or any games.


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